Post-Competition Recovery Tips

October 07, 2019
 person wrapping horse's legs with ice boots

As the end of the competition season nears, chances are that your horse is tired, which can make it harder for him to recover well after a barrel race, event or horse show. With only another month or two of competitions to go, you can help your horse to recover faster and more completely by putting the following strategies to use.

Monitor Hydration

A horse that gets dehydrated during a competition will have a hard time regulating his body temperature, and his post-competition recovery will be affected as well. To aid in your horse’s recovery,  look for dry manure, attitude changes and reduced urination, all of which can indicate that your horse is becoming dehydrated.

To encourage your horse to drink, try bringing water with you from home or adding in some apple juice to make the water more temping. You can soak your horse’s hay and feed him his grain as a soupy mash, too. Adding electrolytes to his feed can also prompt him to drink more.

Wrap and Poultice Legs

Once your horse is done competing, wrap and poultice his legs to help draw out heat. This is also the perfect time to inspect for inflamed tendons or other potential issues. If you do find inflammation, cold hose or use ice boots to help bring the inflammation down.

Keep Your Horse Moving

Once you get your horse home, make sure he spends plenty of time outdoors in the days following the competition. The more your horse can move around, the better his body will be able to recover. The movement can help to prevent stocking up in the legs, and is also ideal for relieving sore muscles and any residual muscle tension.

Use Massage Therapy and Stretching

A post-competition massage and/or stretching session may be just what your horse needs. Massage can help to relax and soothe muscle tension and sore muscles, and gentle stretching can help to avoid some of the post-competition stiffness that can set in after heavy exertion. You may want to hire an equine massage therapist to do some post-competition work on your horse or learn some basic massage strokes so that you can do the work yourself.

Feed Un-Lock

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