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Paying It Forward

BRL Equine paying it forward

supporting the community

BRL Equine is committed to supporting a variety of organizations that contribute to human and animal welfare and opportunity.

Get your favorite horse and hit the trails with friends to help end childhood cancer. Events are being held all over the U.S.  Learn more about Saddle Up for St. Jude

The Standardbred Retirement Foundation cares for, rehabilitates and secures lifetime adoption of non-competitive racehorses. Learn more about Standardbred Retirement Foundation

Womens Break-A-Way Calf Roping event team support.  Prizes and event support. Learn more about CRRA

The ACRA  promotes rodeo as a sport and profession. BRL Equine supports the womens' Break-A-Way calf roping event team with prizes and event support. Learn more about ACRA

Partners! Canines saves adoptable dogs in overburdened shelters from euthanasia and transports them to rescue partners who have a need, where they are adopted into their forever homes. Learn more about Partners! Canines

The Appalachian State University Equestrian Club welcomes horseback riders of all skill levels, and disciplines — from newbies to seasoned veterans. 

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