Top 10 Ways to Show Your Horse You’re Thankful For Him

November 01, 2021
 feeding horse an apple

How often do you take time and reflect on how lucky you are to have your horse? In honor of Thanksgiving, take a minute to think about all that your horse has done for you this year, from winning races or ribbons to trying his best for you during training. Here are 10 ways you can show your horse you appreciate him and say thanks for all he’s done.

Spend Time on a Good Grooming Session

One of the best ways to say thanks to your horse is to give him a nice, long grooming session. Think lots of currying and finding those itchy spots! During your grooming session, condition your horse’s coat and tail; it’s never too early to start thinking about the next competition season.

Give Your Horse a Massage

While a good curry session is great, a massage is even better. You can hire a massage therapist to come work on your horse, but there are also some basic massage techniques you can do on your own. Start by purchasing a book about introductory equine massage and  some handheld massage tools.

Check Saddle Fit

A year of training and competing can change the muscling and shape of your horse’s back, which means you may be looking at some saddle fit issues. Arrange for a professional saddle fitter toevaluate the fit of your saddle. This is also a great time to have your saddle’s condition checked overo so you can make any needed repairs during the off season.

Take a Relaxing Ride

Give your horse a day off from training and take a ride that you’ll both enjoy. Work on a loose rein, ride around the property or go for a trail ride. You’ll probably both appreciate the change of pace.

Arrange For an Equine Chiropractor Evaluation

To make sure that your horse is comfortable and in great physical condition, have an equine chiropractor evaluate him. A chiropractor can identify and usually fix skeletal issues, saving your horse pain and allowing him to perform at his best.

Turn Your Horse Out

If your horse spends part of the day inside, try to maximize the amount of time that he’s turned out. Even better, turn him out in a pasture with a nice, soft, sandy spot that’s perfect for rolling. Let him get good and dirty — he’ll love it.

Try Acupressure

Acupressure is another alternative therapy that can help to relieve pain in your horse’s body. With an introductory acupressure guide, you can try this therapy yourself. There are no needles involved — just pressure that you can create with your hands or with a basic tool.

Spend Time Hand Grazing

If your horse doesn’t get as much time to graze as he’d like, or doesn’t have pasture in his paddock, spend some time letting him hand graze. He’s sure to enjoy this special treat.

Treats, Treats, Treats

Speaking of treats, stock up on some special goodies for your horse. Apples and carrots are great, but store-bought treats are easier to store for longer periods. Feeding your horse one or two treats a day can make him feel extra-special without upsetting his stomach.

Feed BRL Equine Products

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, how will you show your horse that you’re grateful for him?

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