5 Ways to Prepare Your Barn For Summer

May 03, 2021
 sweeping out horse barn

Before you know it, long summer days will be here. Is your barn ready? While horse shows and competitions are still slowly starting up, now is the perfect time to knock these important items off of your to-do list so you can focus on riding and training your horses when the summer arrives.

  1. Clear out your hayloft. Before you bring in a new load of fresh-cut hay in June, take some time and give your hayloft or hay storage area a thorough cleaning. Pull up all of the pallets and remove any hay that’s fallen down under them;this will help with air circulation to prevent mold. Move all of your remaining hay into one area so that you can easily mix it in with new hay. This cleanout is a big chore, but it can help to minimize dust and mold and keep your horses healthier.
  2. De-clutter your barn. While you’re packing away your winter blankets and getting out your summer gear, focus on de-cluttering the barn. Gather any items that you’ll no longer need and sell them online or donate them to a local horse rescue or 4-H group. If your barn aisle or tack room are unorganized and messy, invest in some organization systems, like extra hooks, blanket racks and plastic totes. The more items that you can move out of your barn aisle, the better to reduce the chance of a horse getting hung up on something.
  3. Focus on water. Take a day and check all of the water sources on your property. Give buckets, troughs and automatic waterers a thorough cleaning.Apple cider vinegar can help to cut through any algae that’s starting to develop. Check to make sure that your automatic waterers are functioning, and inspect all plumbing for leaks. Don’t forget to focus on downspouts and gutters, too. Clean out your gutters and make sure that downspouts are effectively draining water away from your structures. You may need to adjust your drainage after the strain of a hard winter, so be sure to check these items after a hard rain.
  4. Replenish your first-aid kit. You don’t want to be scrambling for first-aid items when you need them, so check your first-aid kits now, including your barn’s kit,as well as the kit that you keep in your trailer. Take an inventory and order any items needed. Be sure to also check expiration dates on medications and ointments, and replace any that no longer good.
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