How You Can Finish the Competition Season Strong

October 05, 2019
 woman riding competition horse

By this point in the competition season, you and your horse may be starting to lose some of the fire you started the season with. When you’re working toward year-end placements, though, every point — and every win — still matters. With just a little time left in the season, you can finish strong using these four techniques.

Implement Some Breaks

Your horse may be mentally and physically tired if you’ve been following a busy competition schedule, so it may be time for a break. Giving your horse just a few days off from training can allow him to come back into work refreshed.

Just because you’re giving your horse a break from schooling doesn’t mean you have to stop riding him during that time. A light trail ride or just a schooling hack outside of the arena can be a nice break from the repetitiveness of schooling.

Change Up Your Training

If your horse is performing well, then you can probably ignore this tip, but if his performance could use some improvement, try changing up your training. This may mean that you decide to work with a different trainer, or that you simply approach your training differently by incorporating different exercises or a different competition preparation schedule.

Take Care of Yourself

While it’s natural to focus on your horse before every competition, it’s equally as important to take care of yourself, too. Taking care of yourself physically and mentally will help to give you the energy and the ability to then focus on your horse’s needs before, during and after a show or competition.

This is your permission to take some time for yourself. Spend a few days away from the barn to get a mental and physical break. Consider a trip to the chiropractor or to a massage therapist for some pain relief and to give your body a little pampering. This may also be time to revisit your diet and make sure that you’re getting the nutrition you need to be able to perform at your best. Plus, try to work some stress-relieving activities into your schedule, like doing some yoga or going for a walk each day.

Use EQ-Royal

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