Robyn Formanski, Canadian Barrel Racer

February 05, 2018
 Robyn Formanski, Canadian Barrel Racer

Un-Lock Keeps Barrel Racer Running Strong

Robyn is 23 year old barrel racer competing out of BC, Canada. Riding since a young child, Robyn decided to take up competitive barrel racing in 2012. Since then she has added many accomplishments to her belt and regularly competes at the 2D/3D level in four different competition associations and is a regular competitor in many of Canada's slot races. Robyn explains that "since 2016 I have been an owner of slots in the 2 largest slot races in Canada which are held the Saturday and Sunday of the last weekend in July [and] I also own slots in 2 other slot races."

Right now she competes two horses, Arizona and Fred, and recently bought yearling filly, Stitch, that she plans on competing in the future. Arizona is a 13-year-old Quarter horse mare that Robyn has owned for 9 years, while she has owned her 6-year-old Quarter horse gelding, Fred, since he was weanling. Stitch, the newest addition to her team, is actually a full sister to Fred. Robyn explains "I have been so pleased with how amazing of a horse Fred has become so I just had to buy his sister. I’ve known the breeders Pat and Garry Westeguard almost my whole life and know the effort they put into their breeding program, each and every one of their horses are nothing but excellent." 

Robyn first tried BRL Equine Nutrition supplement, Un-Lock in early 2017 and was impressed by the results it had on her mare. She explains "when I was first given a few tubes of Un-Lock I was skeptical if it was actually going to help my horse over the multi-day event. My main mare gets stiff after the first run or two even after I walk her out. I had been searching for a product for awhile that would be able to help. Not only did my mare remain 110% sound throughout the whole event but our times got faster with each run when normally by the 3rd or 4th run the times plateau, staying the same without getting faster. I noticed my mare was also less stressed when entering the arena for our run. Un-Lock will always be in my trailer and is now a main part of my pre-game ritual with my horses."


 Canadian barrel racing association finals CBR Target Champion Saddle and jacket winner

• Many 2D/3D average wins and jackpot wins

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