Roberto Zedda, World Class Polo Player

March 20, 2017
 Roberto Zedda, polo player

Eyes Wide Open With EQ-Royal

World-class polo champion Roberto Zedda is a tour de force for Valiente Polo Club. 
In August 2016 Zedda started using EQ-Royal all-natural blood-building formula with four of his Argentinian ponies. He says he used to think his horses were performing at 100%, but that within four weeks of giving them EQ-Royal, he started seeing more energy and better recovery in them.

"Now I really notice the difference when I am riding," says Zedda. In competition, they breathe and move better. I can also see a difference in their attitude the next day. They look ready to compete, not exhausted like they used to be. Their eyes are wide open and they are happy.

"This formula really works for them," he adds. "I’ve told other competitors, I really care about the health of the horses, and this product is a very good thing for them.”

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