Lauren Keeney, Barrel Racer

July 08, 2017
 Lauren Keeney, barrel racing

Tough Teen Competitor Sees Gains in Speed from EQ-Royal

Lauren Keeney became an equestrian at the age of 3, because her entire family had grown up riding horses. Ever since then, the 17-year-old resident of Middletown, MD, says: "they have been my entire life."

In 2014, Lauren started competing in the Maryland High School Rodeo, continuing for the next three years. During her first year at the rodeo, she qualified for nationals and competed in barrel racing and pole bending in Rock Springs. WY. During her second year at the rodeo, she qualified for nationals as Barrel Racing Champion, All-Around Cowgirl, Goat Tying and Pole Bending. She then made the trip back out to Wyoming for nationals in 2016 and was named State Champion Pole Bender and National Qualifier in Barrel Racing and Pole Bending.

"I like the tough competition that comes with being in the rodeo world; it pushes me to become a better rider."

Lauren has two barrel horses: Pierre, 7, and Girl, 16. "Pierre is more of a big pen arena horse, and Girl is my little scrappy rodeo pen horse," Lauren explains. "Girl has won me most of my titles, and taught me how to become a true competitor. She made me love the sport of rodeo, has taught me how to handle tough competition, and gives me her all whether we are in knee-deep mud or on solid ground."

Lauren confides that while Girl may be "the most stubborn/ornery horse I have ever swung a leg over, she is truly one of a kind and I am so thankful for her.

"Without my horses, I wouldn't be the competitor I am today, they are hard-working athletes that like to push to be the best they can be. They never disappoint me, even if we don't have the best run or hit a barrel, I always walk out with a smile on my face just because I know they gave it their all." 

In addition to the rodeo, Lauren also currently competes in NBHA, Maryland IBRA, Dave Martins Bull Ride Manias, and is setting her sights on SEBRA and APRA this year.

"My favorite part about being an equestrian," Lauren shares, "is the responsibility it carries with it. For instance, taking care of the horses and making time to practice every day. I also like the tough competition that comes with being in the rodeo world; it pushes me to become a better rider."

Change in Speed with EQ-Royal

Lauren says that BRL Equine products have helped her and her horses achieve things she never expected. "My horses compete in high-level barrel racing, which consists of running at a rapid speed and intense turns. EQ-Royal helps my equine partners because it tends to build up their muscles and endurance. I have seen a change in their speed over time since using the supplement.

"I also use EQ-Royal because it is known to enhance recovery after any hard workout, such as a rodeo," she points out. "This is crucial to my horses, and because we compete multiple times throughout a weekend it's important that my horses feel healthy."

Lauren says she just started using Un-Lock Advanced Muscle Formula, because it can prevent cramping during races, resulting in faster runs and healthier horses.

"I believe BRL Equine Nutrition products have enhanced my horses' performance; without them, I don't think I would be where I am today."


  • 2014 qualifier for barrel racing nationals; competed in barrel racing and pole bending

  • 2015 qualifier for National Barrel Racing Champion, All-Around Cowgirl, goat tying and pole bending

  • 2016 Maryland State Champion Pole Bender; national qualifier in barrel racing and pole bending

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