La Nae Drozd, Barrel Racer

February 11, 2018
 La Nae Drozd, Barrel Racer

EQ-Royal upgrades Barrel Racer's drive to 'a whole new level'

La Nae is a barrel racer from Nebraska who started using BRL Equine supplements in 2015. Over the past few years La Nae has been gaining momentum in barrel racing and doesn't plan on slowing down anytime soon. She grew up riding and showing 4H and AQHA breed shows. Despite mainly focusing on English disciplines, La Nae showed in a few Western classes, but always dreamed of competing in barrel racing. She explains "I always wanted to Barrel Race but never had the horse for it. After my senior year I took a break from riding and had to sell my show horse I had for six years to head to college."

As a dedicated horse owner and equestrian, La Nae made it her goal to not only get her previous show horse back after college, but to also own and compete a barrel horse. La Nae says that "Three years ago I made that dream come true. I purchased my first barrel horse and my now retired show gelding was given back to me."

In the last few years La Nae has faced many challenges including getting back into serious riding after six years off, learning a new discipline (barrel racing), and working her way into competition. Her motivation and dedication to her goals kept her moving forward.

"If you set your mind to a goal, you can accomplish anything" – La Nae Drozd

In this short time, La Nae and her barrel gelding, Lucian, have started from the ground up of exhibitioning to winning jackpots and competing in NBHA shows. Lucian is a 10-year-old AQHA gelding registered "Docs Spanish Jig." Although La Nae explains it has taken a few years for her and Lucian to figure each other out, she says they have developed an amazing bond. Described as a little "watchy," Lucian can be a bit spooky, but what sets him apart is his craving to run. "He wasn’t necessarily bred to run but he craves it," La Nae says. "It’s the hardest feeling to explain: The horse loves to turn three barrels and that’s what sets him apart."

This "watchy" behavior of Lucian's was one of the reasons La Nae first started him on BRL Equine's EQ-Royal supplement. She needed a supplement that would help his energy and speed, but also keep him focused. She explains "I first started EQ-Royal on my barrel racing gelding in 2015 because of his “spookiness.” I wanted to make him more focused but still have his normal drive in competition. Let me tell you it was a night and day difference. The first run I made with him being on it, it was like there wasn’t anything else around him, and he just keyed in on that arena. He was so in tune with his job and felt so good that it literally blew my mind.

"After that run he continued to feel stronger and more focused without taking away from his normal love for competing," La Nae continues. "It just upgraded his drive to a whole new level. He also has more stamina and recovers quicker on the product.

"We ask so much of our equine partners that it is our job that they feel 100%," says La Nae. "With EQ-Royal, I know he is feeling good and can compete at his full potential. I will not run without him on it!"



• Placed Top 6 in 1D runners 2017 Winter Barrel Racing Series

• Qualified for Bonus Race World Finals 2016 and 2017

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