Julia Poschauko, Polish Show Jumper

November 07, 2017
 Julia Poschauko, Polish Show Jumper

“I'm in love with how Eq-Royal and Un-Lock are working.” 

Julia Poschauko, Polish Show JumperJulia Poschauko is a show jump rider from Poland. She currently competes in the junior division at the 135-140 cm level with her Polish-bred gelding, Jeefrey, and in the 110 cm level with her younger gelding, Mr. Cinnamon.

Riding and competing from a young age, Julia has many accomplishments under her belt — including being part of the children's national team at age 14, competing at the Nations Cup in Austria, and five consecutive wins in her Regional Show Jumping Championship. Although show jumping is Julia’s main passion, she also likes to ride dressage to maintain a strong flat-work foundation.

Julia has owned her 11-year-old gelding, Jeefrey, for 6 years; she acquired Mr. Cinnamon, a 6-year-old gelding, just under a year ago. Julia explains that since starting her geldings on EQ-Royal and Un-Lock in the fall of 2017, they have both experienced an increase in stamina and performance.

Julia Poschauko, Polish Show Jumper“Jeefrey stopped getting tired as much during training. Normally when he sweated  we had to stop jumping because he didn't have any energy left. Since I started giving him Un-Lock and EQ-Royal, he is in way better form and is willing to work much more than before.”

Mr. Cinnamon had experienced an injury and was off work for a couple of months. After his first couple of rides, Julia explained says, “[Mr. Cinnamon] isn't getting any muscle pains and is recovering faster than my vet predicted.”

Julia Poschauko, Polish Show JumperJulia then went on to compete with both horses at the end of October 2017. “I’m really impressed with how Mr. Cinnamon [after only two weeks under saddle after a major injury] had no problems competing for three days. I thought that at the very least he would be a little tired the last two days, but he was jumping spectacularly!

“Usually Jeefrey is really tired and he lays down all the time on the last day of a three-day competition. But he was very fresh and jumped as if it was the first day. I’m very happy with how the products work with my horses!"

  • Competed with the Polish children's national team and Nations Cup in Lamprechthausen, Austria
  • Regional show jumping champion, five consecutive years
  • Regional dressage champion, two years
  • Awarded Silver in the Polish Young Riders Championship

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