Jami Cornell, Barrel Racing

May 15, 2017
 Jami Cornell, barrel racing

EQ-Royal and BleederShield Help Oakie Overcome Health Issues to Break Arena Record

Jami Cornell has been competing in barrel racing for about 17 years, working her way from the ground up.

Cornell describes her family as "city people" from Washington, DC, when she was growing up, so she went from trainer to trainer and horse to horse until finally moving to rural Maryland and purchasing a “beautiful” quarter horse mare named Sign N Fire, a.k.a. Oakie.

Now 13, Oakie has had numerous health issues, including Lyme Disease, hock issues and EIPH. Due to these issues, Cornell says she tried many products to help the mare's breathing, stamina and immune system.

"Three weeks ago we started Oakie on EQ-Royal. Since then, we have noticed a big difference in her breathing." Cornell says that even after running the mare in 90-degree heat, "she was not breathing as heavily as she had been and not sweating as badly as I thought she would." After starting on BleederShield Jami explained that "After our run she seemed to be breathing much better then normal as she is a bleeder." Not only did BleederShield help Oakie's respiratory system, but Jami also mentioned how the tube was easy to feed and the taste must be good since "[Oakie] tried to take the tubes from [her]."

"Oakie and I have had to overcome many obstacles over the last six years, but I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished together," including placing 7th at the 2016 All American Quarter Horse Congress and 2nd in the 3D at the IBRA National Finals. In April 2016, Oakie broke the arena record, winning first place in the 1D open and 1D adult at Blue Ridge Arena in Boonsboro, MD.

When she’s not working with Oakie, 29-year-old Cornell likes to fish and ride with her “amazing” fiancé on their motorcycle. She also pitches in at Ballyclare Farm in Waterford, VA, as a stable hand.

Cornell says she has her sights set on getting into the top 5 at the All American Quarterhorse Congress and placing in the 2D at the IBRA finals. With determination and EQ-Royal and BleederShield in her training arsenal, she has the stuff needed to realize her goals.


• Placed 7th at the 2016 All American Quarter Horse Congress  

• Placed 2nd in the 3D at the 2016 IBRA National Finals

• Placed 4th in the 1D and 2D for the year end 2016 MD IBRA

• Won fastest time buckle for local jackpot/rodeo at J Bar W Ranch in Johnsville, MD, for 2015 and 2016

• Broke the arena record at Blue Ridge Arena in Boonsboro, MD, in April 2017

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