How to Choose the Right Horse Supplement

March 28, 2017

horse supplements

We all want to provide the best for our horses. We may want to prevent or heal ulcers, ease the stress put on their joints, decrease pain from joint deterioration, lower stress levels, give the horse a calmer disposition or simply boost their performance.

As we all know, there are many choices on the market for horse supplements. Have you ever stood in front of the supplement counter in the tack shop and been bewildered by the myriad options? Weeding through and figuring out what your horse truly needs can be daunting.

To help you weed through the choices, here are some of the questions to ask, and answers that may help guide you to the best solution for your horse:

Q. My horse competes on a regular basis. Are there supplements that can give my horse that extra edge?

A. Performance horses have special needs in training and competition. You want them to perform at their best. When your horse is feeling good, he can perform at higher levels. Considering an all-natural, safe and legal, performance-enhancing, blood-boosting supplement like EQ-Royal may provide exceptional benefits.

Q. What about my horse's joints?

Consider a high-quality joint supplement utilizing HA, resveratrol, MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin or a combination of them all would help maintain or manage your horse’s joints.

Q. My horse has girth issues and seems stressed and irritable, and I have ruled out saddle fit. What supplements can help with these conditions?

A. Maybe it’s time to get in touch with your vet and them evaluate your horse for ulcers. There are a few ulcer supplements on the market that utilize omeprazole, one of the most common ulcer fighting medications on the market.
After ulcers are treated, using supplements with calcium, magnesium, and pre- and probiotics can help keep your horse’s gut and intestinal track at ease.

Q. I transport my horse to competitions. Is there anything can help them perform better after the fatigue and damage that occurs after transport?

A. Your horse may benefit from Un-Lock Advanced Muscle Formula. Un-Lock not only helps with improving muscle performance during training and competitions but prevents muscle damage and hastens muscle recovery. Horse owners also use it to reduce muscle damage that occurs when transporting horses to and from events.

Q. My vet ruled out ulcers and my horse seems stressed and irritable. What can I do?

A. Your horse might benefit from calming supplements or just pure raspberry leaves that have relaxation effects.

Q. What about brittle hooves?

A. Consider a hoof supplement with biotin to help encourage strong hoof growth.

Q. My horse's coat is lackluster and I have ruled out worms and other issues. What supplements are bet to produce a shiny coat?

A. Your horse might benefit using a supplement with essential vitamins to make sure he's getting adequate nutrition You can also add some fatty acids to his diet to encourage a glossy, healthy coat.

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