How to Legally Buffer Lactic Acid in Performance Horses

October 29, 2018

How to Legally Buffer Lactic Acid in Performance Horses

You’ve spent countless hours conditioning and training your horse, only to see him fade off in the last furlong, losing the race by a length. Or you’ve trained your barrel horse to run a perfect pattern, but can feel him fading out between the third barrel and home.

Equine athletes can only run at peak exertion for so long before lactic acid is produced and fatigue sets in. That’s why BRL Equine has a (competition legal) way for you to buffer lactic acid in your horse.

Why Lactic Acid is an Issue in Your Horses

When a your horse canters or gallops during an intense exercise session, metabolic byproducts — including lactic acid, ammonia and heat — accumulate in the horse’s muscles. Lactic acid is broken down into a product called lactate, which the body can normally clear out. However, if the intense exercise continues, such as during a race, the horse’s body can’t clear the lactate. This leads to a buildup of hydrogen ions in the muscles and in the bloodstream, causing the horse to feel tired – and resulting in poorer performance.

By using a substance to reduce or delay the buildup of lactic acid, the horse’s fatigue process could also be delayed, allowing the horse to maintain its maximum speed for a longer period of time. If you think of the close finishes that are so common in races, or the split seconds that separate the top barrel racers, any improvement in an equine athlete’s performance could mean the difference between a win and a loss.

Attempts to Solve the Lactic Acid Problem

In an attempt to come up with a product that would successfully buffer lactic acid in racehorses, trainers started to feed baking soda to horses. A pre-race “milkshake of 18 ounces of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) along with electrolytes, sugar and water administered via nasogastric tube is thought to improve racehorse performance.

But it’s also illegal. These baking soda milkshakes are banned by Thoroughbred and Standardbred racing authorities, and trainers who continue to follow this method could face significant penalties.

How Un-Lock Advanced Muscle Formula Helps to Buffer Lactic Acid

Un-Lock advanced muscle formula acts as a buffer to delay the accumulation of lactic acid in a horse’s muscle and blood when the horse is working at maximum exertion. Feeding Un-Lock before a race, competition, or other strenuous event allows your horse to maintain top speed for a longer period of time and recover more quickly. Since Un-Lock supports the muscle’s natural ability to buffer lactic acid buildup, it helps to delay the onset of fatigue.

Best of all, Un-Lock will not test and is far easier to administer than the baking soda milkshakes that some trainers resorted to. Un-Lock is available as both a paste and as a powder. No nasogastric tube required!

How It Works

Un-Lock advanced muscle formula contains electrolytes and essential vitamins, as well as muscle-supporting amino acids including L-valine, L-lucine, L-isolucine, L-glutamine, L-arginine, and L-carnitine. These nutrients are proven to enhance performance, prevent cramping and tying up, help a horse maintain top speeds and improve muscle recovery.

L-carnitine, an amino acid, plays an important role in how Un-Lock functions. L-carnitine enhances energy production for an improved performance, but it also helps to transport fats into the muscle cells for energy production. Because L-carnitine supplies the muscles with fats that they can then use for energy, it helps to delay fatigue by reducing lactic acid formation. At the same time, this helps to improve a horse’s performance and overall endurance.

Racehorses even recover more efficiently when they are supplemented with L-carnitine and other ingredients in Un-Lock.

Testimonials from Equine Professionals

Don’t take our word for it; see what equine professionals are saying about Un-Lock:

“We tested Un-Lock on a trotter named Rainbow Jay Jay. He was apprehensive about a 10-hour drive plus stopovers prior to a big race. Rainbow Jay Jay was given Un-Lock before leaving, upon arriving and three hours before racing in Albion Park QLD. Our trotter won, coming from last so easily by 10 meters.” – Rickie Alchin Rickie Alchin Harness Racing

"Two of my horses finished the race strong and ran very well. One of them lost their last race. Now, after using Un-Lock, she won by two links. I had an older horse that was flat and not finishing well. With Un-Lock that horse not only finished well but moved up in class with the best speed rating she has ever had.” – Ray Trisler.

"I took a filly off of the track and turned into a barrel horse, and if she ever had to opportunity to breeze, this is the only time she would really fire until now, she wants to work rather than just do it because I ask her to! I have had her and my gelding on the Un-lock now for a month and the results are amazing! A 3 hour haul is no different than a 10 minute trip to town, they are bright eyed and not stove up from the long rough ride. I'm hooked!"  – Leslie

Ready to try Un-Lock for your own horses? Order now and see how Un-Lock can help your horse’s performance. 

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