5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Feed Room

March 31, 2019
 5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Feed Room

With spring just around the corner, tidying up is moving up on the to-do list. What’s on your list when it comes to spring cleaning in the barn? Maybe you dust the cobwebs from the rafters and remove any old hay from your hayloft. But your feed room needs a spring cleaning all its own.

Check Expiration Dates

Start by checking all of the expiration dates on the feed, supplements and medications in your feed room. Throw out anything that’s expired (and if it’s a medication, then make sure to dispose of it appropriately. Your vet can help you with this if you’re unsure how).

Expired feed can be dangerous for your horse, and expired supplements or medications can become ineffective or even more potent, making them very risky to use. It’s best to remove them from your feed room entirely to not only free up space, but to prevent them from ever being accidentally consumed.

Look for Rodents

Now is also the time to look for signs of rodents in your feed room. Mouse or rat poop or chewed open feed bags may indicate that you have a rodent problem. Start by checking over the entire room to see if you can identify where the rodents are getting in. Plugging holes in the walls or resetting a door so that it closes securely can help to keep rodents out. If mice or rats are getting into feed, invest in some rodent-proof containers; even plastic or metal trash cans will do the job.

Lastly, lay some traps in the feed room to help take care of the rodent problem. (If dogs or cats can access the room, then you’ll need to strategically place the traps so that other animals can’t access them.)

Assess Supplements

Spring cleaning is an ideal time to assess your horse’s supplements to determine if they’re meeting his health needs. Check to make sure that you aren’t feeding multiple supplements that contain the same ingredients, since this can result in over-supplementation. If your horse’s activity levels have changed or he’s developed new health issues, you may need to adjust the supplements you’re feeding to fully meet his needs.

Making sure that your horse’s supplements are supporting his health is just one step on your spring supplement checklist. Additionally, be sure to take a look at the active ingredients in every supplement that your horse is on. Have your showing or competition’s rulebook on hand when you do this, and verify that none of the active ingredients will cause your horse to test positive.

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