Our 5 Favorite Christmas Gifts For Your Horse

December 02, 2018
 girl with horse at christmas

Your performance horse gives you his all year-round, so isn’t it time you said thanks? Christmas is the season of giving, and that’s why we’ve come up with a list of great Christmas gifts for your performance horse. From maximizing his health to just providing a little extra comfort, these gifts are great ways to reward your horse for all of his hard work.

Massage and Other Alternative Therapies

If you’d like to pamper your horse a bit while also providing him with valuable health benefits, then schedule a session with an equine massage therapist. Massage won’t just make your horse feel better – it can loosen tight muscles so that he can perform better and is less likely to be hurt in a trip or stumble. You can also choose from plenty of other alternative equine therapies, such as a chiropractic session, to give your horse a special Christmas gift this year.


Whether your performance horse runs barrels, races or tackles the cross-country course, chances are he can benefit from cross-training. By getting your horse out of the arena or off of the track and into a new setting, you’re not only helping to make him fitter, but you’re improving his mental health, too.

When we drill and train repeatedly, we’re asking our horses to use the same muscles and perform the same tasks. Not only can this get boring, but horses in repetitive training tend to develop particular muscles, while potentially underutilizing others.

The solution is to try something new with your horse: Hit the trails, go for a swim or take up a little dressage. Cross-training will give you and your horse a change of pace and a mental break from your regular training sessions.

Appointment With a Saddle Fitter

As your performance horse matures and becomes fitter, the fit of his saddle may also change. Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with a saddle fitter. This simple step can help prevent a sore back for your horse down the line, ensuring he’s good to go through the next year.

Extra Turnout Time

This one’s easy: Work on maximizing the amount of time that your horse is turned out each day. Turnout time can help to keep your horse healthy. In turnout, horses naturally move about and graze, which can promote gut health and cut down on your horse’s risk for colic. Plus, turnout gives your horse a chance to blow off some steam. Time spent outdoors can also reduce boredom, making your horse mentally healthier, too.

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Which of our favorite gifts will end up under your horse’s Christmas tree this year?

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