western riding horse supplements

Whether you're wrestling a steer, chasing down a calf, or you’ve just laid down one of the best runs of your life — it's an unparalleled feeling. When hundreths of a second count, EQ-ROYAL and UN-LOCK can make all the difference in your horse's performance, and winning or losing.

Performance, Muscle Support and Recovery Supplements


EQ-ROYAL improves muscle performance, supercharges endurance and enhances recovery after hard exercise or competition.* EQ-ROYAL serves to fortify your horse’s natural strength and support a healthier immune system.* Simply put, the horse feels better all over, fired up for peak-level performance.*


UN-LOCK advanced muscle formula helps prevent tying up and cramping during workouts and races, resulting in dramatic gains in endurance and performance.* It prevents muscle damage, decreases lactic acid and speeds recovery while lowering heart rates during exercise.*

BRL Equine Nutrition is 100% committed to developing premium, innovative equine nutritional supplements. What sets us apart from the competiton is our refusal to cut corners in product formulation and testing. All our products adhere strictly to the guidelines of every major animal competition governing body and are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

* Individual results may vary

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