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UN-LOCK® is an advanced muscle formula for muscle support in horses. "Tying up,” or exertional rhabdomyolysis, refers to muscle stiffness and pain after exercise. It can occur sporadically or chronically. The ingredients in UN-LOCK include Arginine, selenium and Vitamin C, which have been shown in clinical studies to prevent tying up during intense exercise or competitions.


When we were formulating UN-LOCK, we made sure to include only proven nutrients to improve performance, prevent cramping and tying up, maintain top speeds and improve recovery.* When this happens, horses obtain dramatic gains in endurance and performance.*

What Makes UN-Lock different?

You'll notice the difference the first time you use UN-LOCK as results are immediate. UN-LOCK contains more amino acids, electrolytes, and essential vitamins than any formula on the market!

What should I expect with UN-Lock?

You should expect a horse that travels, trains and competes to have a noticable improvement in performance and recovery with first use. Less than an hour after administration, you can expect to see a more alert and energetic horse with the ability to maintain top speed longer.*

UN-Lock Advanced Muscle Formula

UN-LOCK gives you a competitive edge by boosting muscle performance. This new product is the most comprehensive muscle formula on the market for improving endurance and performance in horses.*

UN-LOCK advanced muscle formula is a unique combination of muscle supporting amino acids including L-Valine, L-Lucine, L-Isolucine, L-Glutamine, L-Arginine and L-Carnitine, plus electrolytes and essential vitamins!

UN-LOCK will help your horse perform at the top. Aids in recovery, maintaining top speed, prevents muscle damage and reducing lactic acid buildup.*

  • Supports muscle growth*
  • Supports recovery and reduceds muscle fatigue*
  • Reduces heart rate during training*
  • Replenishes needed electrolytes*
  • Reduces cramping and tying up*
  • Buffers lactic acid (bicarbonate-free)
  • Drug-free

1 lb. container = 35 servings.

The active ingredients in UN-LOCK have been clinically tested and shown to reduce tying-up, buffer lactic acid levels and speed recovery between events.


Horse Unlock Tube

UnLock Powder

Daily Use - Administer 2 scoops daily
Pre-Event - Administer 4 scoops daily for 3 days leading up to and on the day of the event.
Tying Up - Administer 4 scoops daily


Administer entire contents of tube orally 30-60 minutes before exercises or event. May be administered orally via syringe. May be administered for pre- and post-exercise (1 syringe on each occasion. Post-exercise administration should occur as soon as practicable after hard exercise (preferably within 30 minutes). May be given up to 4 hours before an event.

Reviews from TOP Trainers and Owners

“When horses are tying up during training, they remember what they were doing when it happened and resist activities that made it happen. Using UN-LOCK on a regular basis prevents that problem in the future. I highly recommend this. — Webb Carroll, Webb Carroll Training Center

"We gave our horse a tube of UN-LOCK before and after a 10-hour drive to the track, and again a few hours before the race. He came from the back of the field to winning at the end by 10 meters. The product works"*

Rickie Alchin, Rickie Alchin Harness Racing

”UN-LOCK is my new favorite product for training and shipping our horses. Love it.”*

Trond Smedshammer, American Viking Stables (1,100 career wins; nearly $45M in purses)

“UN-LOCK produced significantly different results than a similar product I tried eight weeks ago: two of my horses finished the race strong and ran very well. One of them lost their last race. Now, after using UN-LOCK, she won by two lengths. I had an older horse that was flat and not finishing well. With UN-LOCK that horse not only finished well but moved up in class with the best speed rating she has ever had.”*

Ray Trisler, multiple stakes winning owner

“My filly had never tied up in her life; Saturday she did. On Sunday I gave her UN-LOCK and she trained beautifully, back to normal. I highly recommend UN-LOCK”*

Michael Aro, trainer of "Winning Image," multiple stakes winning mare

“If you want a stress-free horse for training or transport, try UN-LOCK”*

Nancy Vutz, DVM

BRL Equine Nutrition is 100% committed to developing premium, innovative equine nutritional supplements. What sets us apart from the competiton is our refusal to cut corners in product formulation and testing. All our products adhere strictly to the guidelines of every major animal competition governing body and are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

* Individual results may vary

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